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Hookt on Faonics
Monday...? What Monday? 
20th-Apr-2009 01:04 am
Monday's been canceled this week in observance of Four-Twenty. :3

Think of it as... biblically sanctioned penance. I mean, the proper punishment for breaking most of those nitpicky laws in Leviticus (and who the hell can keep track of them all?!) is stoning, after all. Besides, as I like to point out, if I were to be standing within a few feet of a burning (cannabis) bush, I'd probably hear God speak to me, too. I know, I know -- I'm so going to hell. o_O;

Furthermore, April twentieth also marks the anniversaries of both Hitler's birth and the Columbine High shooting. If ever there were individuals who should have smoked a bowl, I think it's safe to say it'd start there.

And, according to Wikipedia, it's also Stephen Marley's birthday -- yes, one of Bob's numerous rastamuffins. I just found that kind of amusing. XD
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